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Clyde E. Black, MDRobert F. Garner III, MDGary H. Morgan, MD — Daniel S. Fockele, MD

Robert E. Stone, III, M.D.Thaddeus F. Coleman, M.D.

“For us, there is no greater feeling than being able to help prolong the quality and longevity of our patients’ lives. We do this with a combination of education, training and a dedication to helping others. What’s more, there are always new developments being made in the field of radiology. We stay on top of them by completing advanced coursework, reading literature and maintaining membership in professional organizations. Nothing excites us more than a new idea — a way to care for you, the people we see every day, better than ever before.

“What’s more, we believe the best doctors are the ones who care... and whose compassion for people demands excellence. If a patient is nervous or is anxious to see their test results, we will sit and talk to them, answer their questions and do our best to make them feel at ease. It’s the same level of care that we would want for our own family members.”



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